no longer kids, not yet adults,
time for youth to impact their generation!

Entertaining & Impacting Media: TV, Internet and Events Created by Youth!

Betweentime TV

Enjoy our award winning TV series for tweens  – with fun & creative music videos, a mini-movie, cartoons and much more based on the top surveyed topic of interest to youth “Friendship: Building Healthy Relationships!”

Betweentime Outreach

The Worship & Outreach Team is made up of middle &  high school students. They love to pray, worship & make a difference through reaching out &  ministering to others.

Youth led, Spirit led ministry and events. Led by the Spirit and grounded in the Word.

Betweentime Media

Teens creating media!

Have you noticed? There is a renaissance of creativity among young people! Our community encourages, mentors, and helps them as they grow in creating with the Creator – and increasing in excellence and impact!

River of Life Media Overview

Betweentime is the premiere project of River of Life Media

About Us

We are a community of creative people, companies, families, ministries…
working, playing being friends and doing life together
while accomplishing what we could not have accomplished just on our own.

Grow in your relationship with God


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