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River of Life Media Core Team biographies:

President & Executive Producer

Sharon Metzger Neve is the visionary, co-founder and president of River of Life Media. Her roles include Producing and Directing the award-winning Betweentime youth TV series, in addition to overseeing the Betweentime Worship and Outreach Team.

Sharon’s heartbeat is to intimately know and walk with the Lord and help others do the same. Her vision is to “Create with the Creator” communicating God’s heart thru media, ministry and the arts while collaborating with and raising up others – helping them to have their unique impact.

Sharon is a Business Administration/Marketing and Mass Communications major from the University of Denver. She began her media career with what is now Xfinity/Comcast Communications. Sharon has produced and directed well over 1000 hours of faith and family television content with Rocky Mountain Television, Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar Television Network among others. She has also attained her Bachelor of Theology from Beacon Institute of Ministry and worked in ministry overseeing congregational ministries, teaching, pastoring, disciplining, counseling and team building.

Sharon is a fifth generation Colorado native. She and her husband Bob and two children, Angela and Samuel, and the River of Life Media community, enjoy playing and working together in life, ministry and media.

Chief Financial Officer & VP of Engineering

Robert Neve is the co-founder of River of Life Media. His roles include being the Chief Financial Officer and VP of Engineering for the award-winning Betweentime youth TV series, in addition to helping oversee the Betweentime Worship and Outreach Team.

Bob enjoys seeing the Betweentime students develop their God given interests into viable skills that they can use throughout their lives. It is especially rewarding for Bob to help the students develop their ideas and see how that impacts them as well as others.

Bob graduated from the Colorado Institute of Technology with an Electronics degree. He has been a Large Systems Engineer for IBM for 34 years. He is brilliant.

Bob enjoys spending time with his family and church community, in addition to inventing and building things (like our home,) computers, animation and motion graphics, Jeeping and the out-of-doors.

Post-Production Director

Cassia Hendrickson is a Post-Production Director with River of Life Media’s Betweentime TV Series. One of the favorite lessons she has learned from working on Betweentime is how to creatively co-partner with the Holy Spirit, the Creative One to bring about more unique and inspired video content for the younger generations. She enjoys having fun and teaching middle schoolers and high schoolers. She likes to help them to hone their talents, gifts and passions to tell uplifting stories through video to their peers.

Cassia is the co-owner of 5Penny Productions and works as a videographer, video editor and motion graphics designer. Some highlights in her career include working on a documentary, “Beauty Mark,” that is slated for distribution on Rocky Mountain PBS this year. Also Cassia, created two videos for “Free the Girls,” an organization that helps rescue women and children out of human trafficking. Over a period of two years, both videos assisted in raising 190K for the organization to help them in their important work.

Cassia graduated from University of Colorado at Denver with her degree in film & video with an emphasis in post-production in 2009.

In her free time she loves sports – including football, parkour, surfing and hiking lots of mountains. She loves spending time with close friends and learning more about how she can support people through their healing journeys from early childhood abuse.

Post-Production Director

Juan Benavides has been a Film and Television Director-Producer for the last 18 years. He loves to produce TV shows, TV commercials, short films, and wholesome family entertainment. He is passionate about communicating the gospel by means of compelling visual storytelling.

Juan obtained a Masters degree in Film and Television Production from Regent University, Virginia. While pursuing his Masters degree Juan received a Student Achievement Award from the National Religious Broadcasters, NRB. Later, he received a Regional Emmy Award and an Excellence in Media Award while teaming up with other producers and directors in various television and film projects.

He is currently the director and founder of Production and Consulting for Media International – PCM International, a television production and consulting company seeking to provide high quality, English/Spanish, film and television production and consulting. His stories for the 700 Club Latina America, “Vida Dura”, air in 24 countries. He leads a young professionals Bible study group at Comunidad Cristiana Church in El Salvador, seeking to help young professionals to grow in Christ and to get them involved in evangelism through their careers and talents.

Juan’s contributions with River of Life Media’s Betweentime TV Series, as a Post-Production Director, is highlighted by his work on the “Friend Matters” mini-movie and the popular “Animal Interviews,” including engineering the voice-over studio for the “Animal Interviews.”

Juan currently lives in El Salvador where he continues to direct PCM International, which has offices both in El Salvador and in the U.S.

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