Youth led, Spirit led ministry & events.

Led by the Spirit & grounded in the Word.

Betweentime Youth Outreach

 Student led worship and outreach team made up of middle and high school students.

Making a difference through:

  • worship gatherings and events
  • sharing their testimonies and their hearts
  • prayer, encouragement and ministry

Past, present, future

PAST: The Betweentime Outreach Team started in the Denver area in 2013 as an outreach of the Beweentime TV show, with the idea of doing events for kids and using some of the TV show content to minister to them regarding their friendships and their relationship with Jesus. As with the TV show, we wanted the youth to   lead and be led by the Holy Spirit. As the group of kids, initially ages 11 to 15, spent time in prayer and worship seeking the Lord regarding what He would have them do, they grew as worshipers and lovers of God. It became evident over time that they did not feel led to put on a “show,” instead they wanted to lead their peers in worship, share what God was doing in their lives, and minister to kids regarding deeper heart issues.

Throughout the 5 years, God used these kids in amazing ways! They fill in love with God. They learned how to enter into worship, lead worship, learn instruments, develop vocally, yield to the Holy Spirit, wait on God… They learned to share their testimonies, facilitate discussion, teach, and pray for people – being sensitive to the Lord and to the people they minister to. They began to live from God’s presence, make themselves available to God’s guidance, divine appointments, prayer and intercession… whatever God would lead.

Through the group and their events, about 150 kids received Christ and numerous kids were healed emotionally and physically. In addition to hosting lots of worship nights and Bible studies, they also had the joy and privilege of leading worship and ministering at city wide Youth Collective events, Heavenfest worship stage, Faith Kid’s Club, Celebration Ministry of the Arts camps, Worship Mob, Fire Camp, Love Fest, David’s Tent Denver, Skatuary, and various youth groups. And in the midst of it all, we became family – truly brothers and sisters in Christ and lifelong friends.

PRESENT & FUTURE: As led, in the Denver area, we continue to host occasional Nights of Worship and Bible Studies. We will post this information on the Youth Collective Facebook page  – as well as other events and information that helps kids and teens grow in their relationship with the Lord. Also for posts that encourage youth, like and follow us on the Betweentime Facebook page

Our Message:
Receive God’s love.
Love God and love people.

Be a friend of God and a friend to others. (1 John 4:19, Luke 10:27, John 15:15, John 13:35)

God loves us all so much! He has not forgotten our generation. He created us and He knows us completely. He rejoices over us. God is with us and we can draw near and know Him. Don’t be afraid; He is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. He hears your prayers.

He wants you to receive His love and be made whole and truly live!

  • we love Jesus
  • we value gathering with others that love Him too
  • worshiping Him and sharing His goodness and ministering to one another is our joy
  • we cry out to God for our generation to have the joy of knowing Him and knowing how much He loves each one of them
  • we reach out, especially to teens and pre-teens in our city and area, as the Holy Spirit leads

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