Here are some frequently asked questions about Betweentime:

  1. What do we do?
    Betweentime is the premiere project of River of Life Media, which is a community of creative people working together with the Lord’s guidance, inspiration and partnership. We create media, including the kids faith based TV series to help people grow in their relationship with The Lord and we help people develop their gifts, talents and dreams for the Lord by “creating with the Creator.”
  2. Who is our target audience?
    The Betweentime Friendship TV Series is created by Christian pre teens and young teens especially for 8 to 13 years olds. The shows are a Christian-based TV series for families and kids. It is loved by kids as well as their families, parents and grandparents. Teachers, youth pastors, student leaders, and those who care about helping kids grow up to be honest, God-loving adults will find the series valuable.
  3. What is Betweentime TV about?
    Betweentime TV is aimed at helping children foster healthy relationships. In each episode, our young hosts explore and discuss various important topics, such as choosing friends wisely and ways to become a good friend and how to have a friendship with Jesus.
  4. How is the Betweentime TV series beneficial?
    As a kids’ faith-based TV series, the Betweentime TV show will help your kids grow up to be beautiful, capable adults who love and value their relationship with God, and also love and value their relationships with their family and friends.
  5. Who creates our faith-based content?
    Our Christian TV shows for kids were created by a team of talented children who worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes to make our kids’ Christian videos, cartoons and so on. They were assisted by our professional media community, which includes editors, singers, creative directors, musicians, and more.
  6. How can you watch the Betweentime TV Series?
    You can rent or buy our Christian TV shows for kids. You will find more information here.
  7. How can you help?
    We are currently focusing our efforts on getting the Betweentime Friendship TV Series out to impact more kids! You can help best by recommending the series to your friends or/and paying it forward with a donation to help us spread the word so more more kids hear about the series.
  8. Why is faith-based content important?
    In today’s world, where children are increasingly influenced and affected by the media they consume, it has become more important then ever to ensure that the media they watch is intentionally created to help them develop a healthy Biblical world view. Faith-based, family values friendly content, like our Christian TV shows for kids, will help them as they grow up and navigate the challenges and opportunities of life.
  9. How to get in touch with us?
    Email us at info@riveroflifemedia.org to connect with our team. We would love to hear your comments, suggestions, questions, ideas and testimonies. If you would like to talk with us personally, simply leave your phone number and a good time to call, and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.
  10. How can I be in the loop regarding potential future opportunities?
    You can join our email list here.
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