Betweentime Youth TV Series

Building Healthy Relationships!

The BETWEENTIME TV show is a fun, original, fast paced, broadcast quality, award winning, variety series
hosted and co-produced by pre-teens and teens for youth and their families.

Enjoy creative music videos, a mini-movie, cartoons and much more
based on the top surveyed theme of interest to youth
“Friendship: Building Healthy Relationships!”


Betweentime TV Show
Christian Worldview Film Festival
Betweentime TV Show
ICVM International Awards - MV
Betweentime Music Video
Christian Worldview Film Festival - MV
Betweentime Music Video
International Christian Film Festival - Music Video
Footprints Music Video
BJU National HS Competition
Epic Tails Cartoon
Christian Worldview Film Festival - YFM
Epic Tails cartoon
Christian Worldview Film Festival - Animation
Epic Tails cartoon
International Christian Film Festival - Short Film
Epic Tails cartoon

Epic Tails cartoon

Watch the Betweentime Youth TV Series!

When it comes to our kids, we what to help them any way we can!
That is why the the Betweentime content was created, to help kids & their families through the crazy pre-teen years!

If you will take a moment to tell me just a little bit about your kid’s friendships, I’ll give you a coupon for 20% off the TV series PLUS additional FREE bonuses created to help you & your kids! (This will only take a couple of minutes.)

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Join six young students as they explore the topic of friendship and creatively communicate what they discovered!

  • Finale part 1

    The finest, funniest, most creative segments that the students made are crammed into the Betweentime finale episodes! You don’t want to miss a minute of the best of the best!

  • Finale part 2

    Enjoy more of the best of the best from the Betweentime Youth TV series: Epic Tails cartoons, run-a-muck chickens, the Footprints Music Video and more!

  • Episode #1 The Value of Friendship

    Holly and the Betweentime hosts and friends take us on a creative behind the scenes journey as they explore the topic of friendship and write song lyrics, design music, and choreograph the Betweentime dance music video!

  • Episode #2 Fun with Friends

    Join Angela and the Betweentime assistant producers as they work together and figure out how to create this amazing TV series about building healthy relationships!

  • Episode #3 Choices & Consequences

    Aaron knows from experience how impacting friendships can be, so he leads the Betweentime team in creating a mini-movie all about it!

  • Episode #4 Be That Friend

    Brandon and the Betweentime hosts want to have great friends, but in this show they explore how each of us can become the best friend possible for others as well.

  • Episode #5 Work It Out

    Join Betweentime host Zach, a young cartoonist with a message, as he and his friends work on listening, getting through conflict and forgiving so they can have healthier relationships.

  • Episode #6 The Best Friend of All

    In this pivotal episode, join Emmy and the Betweentime student hosts and friends, as they take Emmy’s poem and use it to create a powerful music video about the best friend of all.

  • Episode #7 The Best Friend of All – part 2

    Journey with the Betweentime hosts as our friend, Dave Powers, transparently leads us past seeing God as a distant or demanding authority figure, and ignites our desire to truly know Jesus, the best friend of all.

  • Episode #8 The Best Friend of All – part 3

    We want to draw closer to God! Join Dave Powers and the Betweentime hosts in this fun exploration of learning how to spend time with the Lord in the Bible.

  • Episode #9 Gossip, Guppies and Goof Ups

    Join in and laugh through this hysterical blooper packed episode, while learning about the effects of gossip from Zach’s cartoon guppy characters!

  • Episode #10 Behind the Scenes - part 1

    Go behind the scenes and discover how these young producers made their creative contributions to the Betweentime television series – and be encouraged, because you can create great content and have an impact too!

  • Episode #11 Behind the Scenes - part 2

    So you’re a creative and you already have a heart to make impacting media and effect culture. Here you go – more behind the scenes with more depth just for you!

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