One Key Relationship Tool we can Teach our Kids

So much could be said about conflict, but I want to focus on one tool that we have, that we can teach our kids – and that is listening. We all can get busy or distracted, but I have found that many arguments are rooted in the other person feeling dishonored or disrespected and often that comes from not being heard or not feeling heard. I would encourage you (and I am definitely talking to myself too) to listen, really listen when your kids talk, when your spouse talks, and when you are talking to others… put your phone down, turn away from the computer or the TV or… and look the person in front of you in the eyes and listen. I believe that if we listened better, we might just reduce all the arguments on the planet in half! Well, that might be an exaggeration, then again, maybe not. ;)

Prayer: “Lord help me to listen. I love my family and they are more important than anything else I am doing. Help me to honor and respect them by really listening when they have something to say. And Lord help us to listen respectfully to others in our lives, so they would feel honored by the attention we give them as human beings. When conflicts arise, Lord please remind us to listen respectfully, so we can respond with compassion led by your Spirt and not provoke people further.”

Scripture: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” James 1:19b NIV

We recommend the Betweentime Friendship TV series, which is a child-friendly TV show, to help your kids learn how to build healthy relationships. The series has 13 half-hour fun, faith-filled shows where your kids will learn about listening and other great relationship building topics.

You can join Betweentime host Zach, a young cartoonist with a message, as he and his friends work on listening, solving conflict and forgiving – so they can have healthier relationships!


By Sharon Metzger Neve

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